Nate Silver Encourages Journalists To Hold Themselves Accountable Over Trump's Misinformation

Silver: “We Should All Be Saying What Happened To Our Institution Where Someone Who Ran On A Lot Of Misinformation ... Became The Nominee Of A Major Party”  

From the May 15 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

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NATE SILVER: We've seen so many honest self-reflections from empirically minded journalists. I think we could frankly have a few more from other types of journalists who were just as skeptical about Trump.

BRIAN STELTER (HOST): So you think it's good that you're being held accountable, that you're thinking about what went wrong in this cycle. [CROSSTALK]

SILVER: It's good that we hold ourselves accountable.

STELTER: And you think other journalists should do more of that?

SILVER: Absolutely. In my opinion, someone who is a demagogue won a major party nomination. And when that's true, we should all be saying what happened to our institution where someone who ran on a lot of misinformation, and we're the information industry, and became the nominee of a major party? That is a big problem, and if we're a part of that problem, then I'm happy to be at the table discussing what happened and what comes next.


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