Media Matters' David Brock Explains Why 13 Hours' Benghazi “Myths” Won't “Stick”

Brock: Multiple Congressional Investigations Concluded “The So-Called 'Stand Down' Order Never Happened”

From the January 16 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow:

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POPPY HARLOW: So Donald Trump went to great lengths to make sure that his supporters in Iowa saw the film. He rented a theater for a screening. You've got a group of Republican lawmakers who chose to watch a screening as well over watching the debate. Your reaction?

DAVID BROCK: Look, I think it's fine for a filmmaker to do what they want and use a little dramatic license. I think where the issue is is that people shouldn't be confused between that, the movie, and what really happened, and so there is room there for some confusion, unfortunately. But look, every congressional investigation, including investigations led by Republicans, have concluded that this incident that they make so much of in the movie, the so-called “stand down” order, never happened. Secretary Gates, a Republican, has testified it never happened. So it didn't happen. If Donald Trump wants to engage in some conspiracy theories, that's up to him.


HARLOW: Still, I would say as you know, movies can be very persuasive. Do you see this as hurting Clinton in any way among any voter block?

BROCK: I really don't. I don't think there is any concern about that. I mean as I said, Secretary Clinton has been targeted by this investigation and you had a Republican high-level official say they were just doing that to drive her poll numbers down, and it didn't succeed. She testified for 11 hours. I think she put the issue to bed. I mean you are certainly right that in the popular culture you can perpetuate various memes and even myths, but I don't think it's going to stick in that way and I'm not certain yet that this film is even a blockbuster.


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