Kirsten Powers calls out CNN colleague for sexist comments about Sen. Kamala Harris

From the June 13 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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KIRSTEN POWERS: Can I just go back to something that Jason [Miller] said? How was Sen. [Kamala] Harris (D-CA) “hysterical?” I don't really understand that. I mean, she was asking some tough questions -- 

JASON MILLER: I believe this is the second hearing in a row with completely partisan screed. 

POWERS: But, how is that hysterical? 

MILLER: It was. From my perspective, my, I would say objective, perspective, I mean it was -- it didn't seem like there was any effort to try to get to a real question or get to the bottom of it. She was purely out there to shout down -- 

POWERS: I think she asked a lot of questions, actually. She was dogged, there's no question, but I wouldn't say she was any more dogged than [Sen.] Ron Wyden was, would you? Would you say that? 

MILLER: Look, I have my opinion on that. I think she was hysterical. I don't think that Sen. Wyden (D-OR) was really trying to get to the bottom of answers either. I think he was trying to drive a partisan -- 

POWERS: But he wasn't hysterical and she was. OK, I just wanted to clear that up. Got it.

MILLER: No, because she was trying to shut down Attorney General [Jeff] Sessions and I thought it was way out of bounds. This is the second hearing in a row -- 

POWERS: She didn't shout, actually, but even if she did, I'm just saying that they both were asking a lot of tough questions and I think calling her hysterical is probably a little gendered thing to say. 

JEFFERY LORD: Hysteria is a neutral quality.

POWERS: What's that?

LORD: Hysteria is a neutral quality.

POWERS: And yet, it's just women that usually are called hysterical. But, I just think that she was asking -- 

GLORIA BORGER: You're being hysterical. 

POWERS: Yes, I'm hysterical now, for example. But, I think she was asking a lot of questions and he wasn't being very forthcoming and I think there was a lot of frustration on the part of a lot of the senators there and it wasn't all Democrats who were frustrated. 


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