Jeffrey Lord: Trump's attacks on Mika Brezezinski weren't sexist

Lord: “So if he would say these things about a guy, why not her?”

From the June 29 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): Jeff, do you agree that it’s a misogynist attack?

JEFFREY LORD: No I don’t but first let me say I don’t think he should have done it. And Maggie is –

COOPER: Because?

LORD: I just think that if you’re going to go down that road, don’t, just in general. There are other people, if they want to go out and do that kind of thing, there are other people in talk radio land, et cetera.

COOPER: Do you think it’s beneath the dignity of the office of president?

LORD: Yeah, I don’t think it’s a good idea and I also think it’s distracting. That said though, there is another world out there, I mean, this business that this is misogynistic, I find that so patronizing of Mika Brzezinski. She’s a liberal talk radio, or talk TV host. Like any guy. So if he would say these things about a guy, why not her?


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