Despite Bush's rejection of Democrats' call for Iraq timeline, Blitzer said Bush welcomes them to “weigh in”

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Following President Bush's December 20 press conference, CNN Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer asserted that Bush is “weighing the options” for achieving stability in Iraq and that “Democrats are welcome to weigh in as well.” But, as CNN chief national correspondent John King noted earlier in the day, Bush “rejects Democratic calls for a timeline to bring troops home.”

From the December 20 edition of CNN's The Situation Room:

KING: With Democrats poised to take control of Congress, the president sounds more conciliatory and promises bipartisanship. But he rejects Democratic calls for a timeline to bring troops home. And as he considers sending even more troops into Iraq, Mr. Bush seems mindful of the legacy debate.


BLITZER: Welcome back. Is President Bush any closer to sending more U.S. troops to Iraq? In a review today of his Iraq policy, which veered badly off course this past year, Mr. Bush made it clear he still hasn't decided how to change course in the year ahead. He said he's weighing the options, adding that Democrats are welcome to weigh in as well. The new defense secretary, Robert Gates, is now on the ground in Iraq getting a firsthand assessment. He's meeting with top U.S. military commanders, as well as with top Iraqi officials.