David Brock: Manufactured Email Scandal Part Of A 20 Year “Campaign Of Legal Terrorism Against The Clintons”

Brock: “The Republicans … Clearly Don’t Want To Let Go Of This”

From the August 11 edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360:

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JOHN BERMAN (GUEST HOST): Drew was just saying at this point, no one's suggesting what Cheryl Mills did was illegal but given the trust issues at play here, and they have been at play for years here, shouldn't someone have known commingling these duties would have raised questions? 

DAVID BROCK: No I don't think so. I don't think anything here that was done was inappropriate, was wrong. It was the normal course of business. Cheryl Mills was on the board of this foundation, she voluntarily took a day off, came up here, sat in on an interview and did that on her own dime. The other two e-mails that came to light yesterday involved a meeting that was supposed to have been set up for a donor to CGI, turns out the meeting didn't even happen. Not that there would have been anything wrong with the meeting. He was offering insight into the Lebanese political situation. It had nothing to do with a business deal. So there's no business dealing here. There's no State Department action being asked for. There's no trading of money for favors at all. So I think we are just really missing the context here which is the Republicans don't want to give up on this issue. The group that is responsible for the release of some of these e-mails in the past few days has been suing the Clintons for 20 years for all sorts of bogus -- 

BERMAN: That's true, it doesn't mean the e-mails aren't the e-mails, and what's on them isn't what's on them.

BROCK: I think it's important just to say, I'm answering the question substantively but I do think there's been a campaign of legal terrorism by this group against the Clintons for 20 years. The Republicans on the hill clearly still don't want to let go of this. It's all they have because Donald Trump has nothing to offer. And on top of it, for Donald Trump to be out there, I mean he's really not the right messenger for this, I don't think. This is somebody who has misled the press about his own charitable activities, won't release his tax returns. The Clinton Foundation has done more for people in one day than Donald Trump has done his whole life. 


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