David Brock On CNN: Benghazi Committee Must “Justify Their Continued Existence” After Republicans Admitted It “Was A Partisan Charade”

From the October 12 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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DON LEMON: [O]n the heels of Kevin McCarthy's comments about Benghazi, Major Bradley Podliska, a former Republican staffer and intelligence officer, told our Jake Tapper on yesterday's State of the Union that the Benghazi committee exclusively targeted Hillary Clinton and that it was politically motivated. Do you expect that that is going to change this Benghazi conversation at all?

DAVID BROCK: Oh, yeah, I think it changes it entirely. I mean, this whole thing has now blown up in the face of the Republicans. Some of us, for two plus years, have been saying this is a partisan charade. And now we have Republicans, someone who was going to be the Speaker of the House, and a Republican investigator saying this was a partisan charade.

And so, I think when Hillary goes into the testimony next week, the dynamic is completely shifted. The Republicans have to justify their continued existence, the congressional abuse of power, the squandering of taxpayer money, and I don't think Hillary will be on the defensive in that case. I think the tables are totally turned.


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