CNN's Van Jones: “They are lying to the people” about the Clean Power Plan killing coal

Jones: Conservative misinformation on coal “is another part of the crazy”

From the October 10 edition of CNN's New Day:

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ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): The Clean Power Plan going away, Paris climate agreement, car and truck fuel efficiency standards being changed. Fracking regulations being rolled back. Oil rig safety regulations being rolled back. You are trying to sound the alarm on what you see here. 

VAN JONES: Well, I mean, it's really unfortunate. First of all, there's so much misinformation. This Clean Power Plan, where did it come from? The conservative Roberts court told the Obama administration -- actually told the Bush administration -- that the conservative Richard Nixon's Clean Air Act and EPA required them to deal with greenhouse gases. So this is coming from a right-wing court and Richard Nixon. The Obama adminstration tries to implement these rules. First they went to Congress, couldn't do it, tried to implement the rules administratively. And now they're saying these rules are why there's been a war on coal. The plan was never implemented. You know what the real war on coal is? Fracking. Fracking bought the price of natural gas down so low that it displaced coal. These same guys say they want more fracking and more coal. That's literally economically impossible. If you have more fracking, coal gets more espensive, you have less coal. So they are lying to the people. Fundamentally, what I want to say is this: This is another part of the crazy. And I am declaring war on crazy. I am a crusader against the crazy. My book is a cure for the crazy. I am trying to get rid of the crazy so we can have some real policy.


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