CNN's Van Jones Says First Night Of Convention Was “So Much Vitriol, So Much Fearmongering”

Jones: “I Think They’re Actually Doing Themselves Harm”

From CNN's July 18 coverage of the Republican National Convention:

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VAN JONES: I'm watching Twitter, I'm watching social media, and I'm looking at the difference between the way the Democrats are responding to this and the Republican base. Republican base loves this stuff, and still loves all this stuff. But I think this is actually a -- it's accumulating, now, a sense of unease in the part of people who are watching this. That there seems to be so much vitriol, so much fearmongering. Really, it's almost, they've erased what they did with Melania, for the people who are watching the whole night. Melania, I actually was surprised. Democrats, there were some snarky things about, well, loyalty to the third wife. There was some snarky stuff, but in general you saw Democrats giving her a break. Now you're seeing, the response this now is just so much fear mongering, I think that they're actually doing themselves harm.


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