CNN's Tapper Corrects GOP Senator's Climate Change Denial

Tapper: “The Overwhelming Majority Of Scientists Disagree With You”

From the November 12 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper:

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TAPPER: Without getting into remedies, let's just talk about man-made climate change itself. There's a scientific consensus, overwhelming that climate change is real, at least partly man-made. That some action must be taken. You've called it a conspiracy. What are you talking about?

SEN. INHOFE (R-OK): No. I'm just saying that when you say that science is settled and the overwhelming scientific analysis comes to that conclusion, that is just not correct. I can remember back in 2002 and 2003 when I first started finding out from scientists that the science is not there and then all of a sudden it started rolling in and I published in the congressional record, not hundreds, but thousands of scientists who disagree with the United Nations. Keep in mind the scientists that I'm talking about, that's the United Nations that we're talking about and there are many of them who are supposed to be taking part in that and they were not allowed to do it because they didn't agree with their consensus was. 

TAPPER: All right.

INHOFE:  And by the way, this China thing, let's keep in mind, president XI, he said they're going to continue to increase their emissions until 2030. They're really long gone after that so it's easy to say something like that when in fact, they are saying they're going to increase one additional coal-fired plant every ten days in China for the foreseeable future. 

TAPPER: All right, senator. Well, the overwhelming majority of scientists disagree with you, but I do want to move on to one other topic in the news.


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