CNN's Post-Debate Poll Shows “An Overwhelming Victory ... For Hillary Clinton”

CNN Post-Debate Poll Shows 62 Percent Of Audience Thought Clinton Won, Just 27 Percent Thought Trump Won

From the September 26 edition of CNN's post-debate coverage: 

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WOLF BLITZER (CO-HOST): You've got the results of our poll that was taken in the aftermath of this debate.

DAVID CHALIAN: I do, and we've done this before, so let me just give a few cautionary notes about the poll. It is a poll of debate watchers, and so in our sample, this is a more Clinton-friendly audience. Those that tuned in tonight was a more Clinton-friendly audience. 


[The poll sample] definitely skews Democratic, more Democratic than a normal poll. And it skews to a Hillary Clinton audience. So keep that in mind as we now will reveal to you who won the debate according to this audience. Overwhelmingly Hillary Clinton. Sixty-two percent of Americans, of those that watched the debate tonight in this audience said Hillary Clinton won compared to 27 percent who said Trump won. Again, this is of debate watchers and our sample definitely is more Democratic than a normal poll. But that is an overwhelming victory among these debate watchers we polled for Hillary Clinton. 


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