On CNN's New Day, Ryan Lizza Explains How “Conflicting Reports In The Fog Of War” Created Uncertainty Over The Benghazi Attackers' Motivations

Lizza: Hillary Clinton Did Not Use The Anti-Muslim Video As A Cover Up, It Was “A Lot Of Conflicting Reports In The Fog Of War”

From the October 23 edition of CNN's New Day:

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JOHN BERMAN: There's this new claim, this new information, that Hillary Clinton was speaking about the Benghazi attacks not being about the video but being the product of direct terrorist and even Al Qaeda attacks contemporaneously. That's new. 

RYAN LIZZA: Right. To the Egyptians and to Chelsea. Right, and a lot of people are making a big deal of this. If you believe that the video was a cover story, right, that it was part of a conspiracy to hide the truth about what the true nature of the attacks were, then you might want to seize on this piece of information. The way it looks to me is that the initial reporting was all over the place. And even in Clinton's book she made the case that initially there was an Al Qaeda-linked group that took credit for the attack and then they no longer took credit for that. During those first two weeks she went back and forth thinking between the video had a lot to do with it and it didn't. And I think yesterday she still maintained that the video had something to do with the attack, at least in terms of recruiting people to go and attack the embassy. I never thought, and I've looked at this pretty closely, I've never thought that the administration was using the video as a cover up to deny that this was an Al Qaeda attack because, I've never understood why they would have done that in the first place. To me it's always looked like a lot of conflicting reports in the fog of war. 


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