CNN's Matt Lewis Responds To Jimmy Kimmel's Plea For Health Care Access: “Go To The Emergency Room”

Lewis: “People Do Get Coverage. If You Go To The Emergency Room, They Take Care Of You.”

From the May 2 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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RYAN LIZZA: Sometimes it takes someone like that with an emotional, personal appeal to sort of make a boring policy point like that really hit home. 

MATT LEWIS: I thought it was a little cheap though. Look, as a father, I can understand. I can try to understand Was it President Obama I think said being a dad, having a child is like having your heart living outside of your body. That, I completely understand where Jimmy Kimmel is coming from, the passion I think is sincere. I don't think that this is the right move for him to do to politicize this. This is a guy who is incredibly rich, of course. He is not going to have a problem. And the truth is --

LIZZA: He's making a moral point that people should be allowed to get insurance.

LEWIS: And that's exactly why I tune in to Jimmy Kimmel to get him making moral points. Look, people do get coverage. If you go to the emergency room, they take care of you. That was actually part of the reason that Mitt Romney came up with Romneycare, was to fix that problem.


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