CNN's Marc Short says “the news media” needs to “tone down the rhetoric” 

Short: “The media wants to keep doing is turn this back and say it's only the president's fault.”

From the October 30 edition of CNN's New Day:

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ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): Why isn't the president stopping the hateful talk? 

MARC SHORT (CNN COMMENTATOR): Alisyn, I think, well first, thanks for that interview with the rabbi. I think his advice is right, I think we all need to tone down the rhetoric, not just our elected leaders, but frankly those of us on your shows and those of us in the news media. 

CAMEROTA: Good, I'll start now. So I won't use any of those terms against anybody, I won't call anybody the enemy of the people, I won't call anybody a thief or a crazed lunatic, or a wacko. Can the president follow suit? 

SHORT: Alisyn, that's a question for the president. I can't answer that --

CAMEROTA: You know him.

SHORT: I also have also seen the president comfort families from Dover Air Force Base who have lost soldiers in battle, I have seen him comfort victims of sexual assault crimes -- 

CAMEROTA: And that's what's so confusing. That's what's so confusing. When he uses words of comfort and then reverts right back to the hateful talk. And so are you calling on the president to stop this kind of talk? 

SHORT: Alisyn, Alisyn, look, I've just said I think that all elected leaders need to tone down, all of them --

JOHN BERMAN (CO-HOST): Is he -- I just don't want to, he is included in there? Crystal clear, he is included?

SHORT: Yes, absolutely. Yes, he's an elected leader, he's the very top, he's the president of the United States -- 

BERMAN: So you'd like to see the president, and others, cut down on this rhetoric? 

SHORT: -- and what I've said on your show multiple times is that the media is not the enemy of the people, and I've said repeatedly though with that responsibility of free press also comes the responsibility to report things fairly and accurately.

CAMEROTA: We know that, but the president has a responsibility also right?

SHORT: And I do think there has has been enormous bias against this administration. Yes Alisyn, I've said that three times and I'll say it again. 

CAMEROTA: Thank you, but you always work your way around to blaming the media and that's the part that we have to just stop. 

SHORT: No Alisyn, what I'm saying is, no, what I'm saying is we all have a responsibility here. And I think what the media wants to keep doing is turn this back and say it's only the president's fault. 


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