CNN's Marc Short says Barack Obama is using “toxic language” by pointing out number of Trump officials who have been indicted

From the November 5 edition of CNN's New Day:

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MARC SHORT (CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR): I don't think that Barack Obama is really a victim here, I think he's pretty much taken the gloves off too in a pretty unprecedented manner for a former president to --

ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-HOST): Well, I just mean that language, I just mean that language. You know, what was the president -- what do you think the president was doing by saying so coyly, “H”?

SHORT: I think -- I think we know what he was doing, I think he's part entertaining the crowd, he part is reminding people his name is Hussein. But, look, this is -- this is the nature of where we are right now, Alisyn. It's not as if Barack Obama is victimless here, he himself -- 

JOHN BERMAN (CO-HOST): What's his crime there? What's his crime there? 

SHORT: I'm not saying it's a crime, I'm simply saying that our politics is pretty tough right now. And Barack Obama, where previous presidents have stood aside, is very actively engaged, and not just campaigning for candidates, but very much campaigning against Donald Trump right now. 

CAMEROTA: And what incendiary, toxic language is Barack Obama using?

SHORT: He's talking about the rationale -- so many people in the Trump administration having indictments as never before, that this is an unusual --

CAMEROTA: That's true. 


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