CNN's Loesch: CNN Has “Blatant Disregard For Objectivity,” “Biggest Bunch Of Idiot Blockheads”

Last week, CNN hired Dana Loesch as a political contributor. Loesch previously called CNN “the biggest bunch of idiot blockheads,” “state-run media,” home to “tinfoil hats,” and accused the network of having a “blatant disregard for objectivity.” Loesch also wrote that Anderson Cooper got his job “by benefit of silver spoons.”

CNN Hires Dana Loesch As A Contributor

From a CNN press release:

CNN is gearing up for the election season with the addition of political contributors from across the ideological spectrum. Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher, conservative commentator Will Cain, and local Tea Party leader and radio talk show host Dana Loesch will appear across the network's prime time programs, as well as other dayparts and platforms.


“I'm excited to be working with CNN and am appreciative of their efforts to showcase diverse political thought on their airwaves, said Dana Loesch. ” I look forward to the discussions." [CNN press release, 2/10/11]

CNN Contributor Loesch's Attacks On CNN

Loesch: CNN Has A “Blatant Disregard For Objectivity.” In response to a letter accusing her of lying about Obama and “electioneering on behalf of Republican candidates,” Loesch wrote on January 5, 2009:

If Obama wasn't “in charge” of housing projects then why did he brag about them on the campaign trail? Repeatedly? Obama needn't call anyone racist; though I've played more sound bites than I can count on air where he would certainly give others that opinion.

If Tabitha is so worried about electioneering, I'm sure she's working to address ACORN, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, The NY Times, et al. for their blatant disregard for objectivity. The difference between me and them? Mine is an admitted opinionated show. They claim no bias. Gawd, these people are tiring. [The Dana Show blog, 1/5/09]

Loesch: CNN Is “State-Run Media.” From a March 9, 2010, post, headlined, “CNN Joins Coffee Party on the Astroturf” :

As seen by this CNN piece, the state-run media is eager to prop up the “coffee party,” founded by Obama volunteer and former NYT writer Annabel Park. Love the “coincidence” of Park being a former NYT writer and the NYT doing a piece on the group barely a week after its inception! Government media invested their last shred of their relevancy in getting President Obama elected and if he fails, they fail also. [The Dana Show blog, 3/9/10]

Loesch: Anderson Cooper Got CNN Job “By Benefit of Silver Spoons.” In a February 28, 2008, post headlined, “Sigh, shut up, Cooper,” Loesch discussed a segment in which Cooper criticized conservative radio host Bill Cunningham for “using [Barack Obama's] middle name as a slander” in an introduction to Sen. John McCain. Loesch wrote of Cooper:

Cunningham a "two-bit radio host?" Sorry, we all don't get to the high positions by benefit of silver spoons and all. Could we cut down on the condescension a bit?

I love the quote from his Wiki page: “The whole thing about being a reporter is that you're supposed to be an observer and to be able to adapt with any group you're in, and I don't want to do anything that threatens that.” [4]" [The Dana Show blog, 2/28/08]

Loesch's post was filed under the category “D-bags” and “Media.”

Loesch: Anderson Cooper “Defines Irony” For Shirley Sherrod Reporting. In a post - headlined, “Anderson Cooper Defines Irony - and the Litmus of the Left” - Loesch criticized Cooper for his reporting on Shirley Sherrod. Cooper said that Sherrod “has been dragged through the mud and has had to prove she's not a racist. This can happen to anyone and it's not right. Imagine it happening to you.” Loesch defended Breitbart's original posting of the Sherrod video, and claimed that she's doing “your homework and critical thinking for you.” [The Dana Show blog, 7/23/10]

Loesch: “CNN Are The Biggest Bunch Of Idiot Blockheads.” On June 16, 2009, Loesch linked to a post on Anderson Cooper's website and wrote: “CNN are the biggest bunch of idiot blockheads. They've been using Tweets from Iranian protesters and using their names along with the updates, essentially painting a target on the backs of these people. Unbelievable. No wonder media is begging for a bailout.” [The Dana Show blog, 6/16/09]

Loesch: CNN Isn't Fair, Home To “Tinfoil Hats.” In a September 3, 2008, post, Loesch live-blogged her watching CNN and wrote:

Watching some post-coverage on, sigh, CNN (it's always good to know what the tinfoil hats are thinking) and Campbell Brown got all arsehole with Tucker Carlson over Palin's experience. McCain's people were angry at CNN's biased treatment; CNN is braying how “fair” they are. /Eyeroll. [The Dana Show blog, 9/3/08]

Loesch: CNN Part Of “The Liberal Media.” During a live blog about a February 2008 CNN Democratic primary debate, Loesch wrote:

Obama: “My #1 job as president will be to keep the American people safe. That means having the strongest military on earth.”
Says that he will end the stop-loss tours of soldiers. With MAGIC.

It wasn't the president who didn't fund the war effort, Jackass Obama, it was YOU and your other rag-tag motley crue of liberal congress.

No, you have NOT, EMPHATICALLY NOT shown the judgment to lead.

Ooh, a question about the surge. Which is successful. Lookit how CNN tries to downplay it “not ideal, but better.” God forbid the liberal media give credit where credit is due. That they even asked “Is Iraq better off now due to the 'surge' that it was a year ago?” is deliberate ignorance. Please, editorialize more, CNN. [The Dana Show blog, 2/22/08]

Loesch: “Our progress isn't measured by whether or not CNN loves us but you could say that our progress can be measure by how badly certain outlets want to shut us up.” From an April 17, 2009, post on Tea Party events:

I hope that conservatives continue to wake up in these numbers. We went from 1,500 participants on February 27th to around 8,000+ on Wednesday. Several people have asked me if we will take action - and by action, in case DHS is watching, means legislative action. As I've said before, I don't believe that you can make the case to change a law by breaking it. Before people can take action they have to be awake - and I feel that this first wave of protests have done just that, they've woken up a mass of people that have been verbally browbeaten into thinking that they are a small minority or that their political ideals are dead. Wednesday proved that conservatism is emphatically not dead and no matter how hard the mainstream media tries to stuff this story at the end of their newscasts, in the backs of the metro sections, or ignore it completely, they can't mis-report it out of existence. Our progress isn't measured by whether or not CNN loves us but you could say that our progress can be measure by how badly certain outlets want to shut us up. [The Dana Show blog, 4/17/09]