CNN's Lewandowski Lies About The Clinton Foundation: “They Haven't Saved Anybody's Lives”

CNN contributor and former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski falsely claimed that the Clinton Foundation has not “saved anybody's lives.” According to Politifact, the Clinton Foundation's Clinton Health Access Initiative has provided more than 9 million people with “lower-cost HIV/AIDS medicine” and that Hillary Clinton has even “understated the number of people who have benefited from the program.” Former President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton have each met with one of the benefactors of the program, a Cambodian child named Basil who was born with HIV. Lewandowski, who was just paid severance from the Trump campaign in a lump sum, has been criticized as an ethical nightmare for CNN due to his simultaneous payments by the Trump campaign and the network and the non-disclosure agreement he signed with the Trump campaign. From the September 29 edition of CNN's New Day:

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COREY LEWANDOWSKI: The Clinton Foundation should absolutely be held accountable. What we know is that they've made hundreds of millions of dollars since the time that they have left public office. Hundreds of millions of dollars giving speeches and selling --

MELISSA MARK-VIVERITO: And saved millions of lives and charitable contributions. 

LEWANDOWSKI: They haven't saved anybody's lives. They haven't saved anybody's lives. Hold on one second. Hold on one second. Are you telling me --

MARK-VIVERITO: As opposed to a foundation that has been lining the pockets of Donald Trump.


ALISYN CAMEROTA (HOST): -- in terms of AIDS medicines getting to --

LEWANDOWSKI: You know what, they've partnered with the Gates Foundation and other foundations and that's great, and they have done an honorable thing. But they have made hundreds of millions of dollars selling influence to the State Department from foreign agencies. And you know what? The Clinton Foundation is such an absolute and utter disaster that they can't even walk away from it unless she's elected president.