CNN’s Kirsten Powers Refutes Trump Surrogate’s Claim That New Black Panthers Engaged In Voter Suppression

From the October 19 edition of CNN’s The Situation Room:

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SCOTTIE NELL HUGHES: The only person who’s had violence happen against them is against Trump supporters right now. North Carolina, our GOP office was firebombed. Voter suppression happened when the Black Panthers stood outside the election room.

KIRSTEN POWERS: No, that is not what happened.

HUGHES: Yes it did. Yes it did.

POWERS: No, no, no. I actually know a little bit about this.


POWERS: White Republican poll watchers going into a majority black neighborhood, a majority black district, and then claiming that there's intimidation going on. And they were trained to go looking for -- they were basically told there's going to be vote fraud there, go find it. And then they claimed, the white Republican poll watchers claim, not any voters, OK, there was not a single complaint from a single voter.


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