CNN's John King asks if Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib endorsements of Bernie Sanders are “too urban”

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Citation From the October 15 edition of CNN's Post-Debate Analysis

JOHN KING: It's an extension of what we seeing tonight. A debate about not only who was going to lead but where is the party going to go. Which part of the party is going to lead the party into the 2020 election. They are more of the younger, fresher face, more aggressive, more liberal, less compromising, less talk about working with Republicans.

And one of the questions for Bernie Sanders has been -- in a very different race this time -- can he find a lane to victory. There is no doubting his  fundraising, there is no doubting the depth of his support across the country, but is it in the teens? Can he get into 20s? How do you win? That will certainly help him. But it will also, I think - Sen. [Amy] Klobuchar is coming in to join us now -- some of the other candidates say, wait a minute, is this too far left? Is this too uncompromising? Is it too urban, is it too internet? Does the Democratic Party need to find a broader audience? It is going to stoke the very debate we saw play out on the stage tonight.