CNN's John Avlon: “Broad Strokes” Of Marco Rubio's ISIS “Plan Are Not That Different From Barack Obama”

Avlon: “And Boy Would He Hate To Even Hear That”

From the December 15 edition of CNN's New Day:

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MICHAELA PEREIRA (HOST): We know that [Sen. Marco] Rubio here also agrees expanding the airstrikes, supporting international troops. He believes that Assad has got to go. He also believes that arming the Sunnis, Kurds directly is going to be more effective.


JOHN AVLON:  What's really interesting is that Marco Rubio representing really that George W. Bush neocon tradition more than anyone else on the stage. And yet his broad strokes of his plan are not that different from Barack Obama, and boy would he hate to even hear that. But the reality is that President Obama has been forced into this issue in a way that's more similar. Neocons criticized, certainly, the lack in intervention early on. 


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