CNN's Jeffrey Lord Calls Trump “The Great Communicator” For Telling People They're Not “Racist, Bigoted” Xenophobes

Lord: “He Is The Message. He Is Today's Great Communicator”

From the February 9 edition of CNN's America's Choice:

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JEFFREY LORD: Two striking things here. One is -- and looking at these exit polls --  is Trump's appeal across all areas. I mean, women, all ages, education, income, party I.D., ideology, marital status. Which leads to the other point here. That Donald Trump who's been criticized just the other night for saying something. He is the message. He is today's great communicator, as it were, by being -- by being himself. By being himself and telling these folks, “Hey, you're not a bunch of racist bigoted xenophobics. You're hardworking Americans. I hear you. The establishment doesn't hear you. And we're going to carry this to victory.” 


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