CNN's Jeffrey Lord Asks Black Panelist: When Is Your Party Going To Apologize For Slavery?

Lord: “When Is Your Party Going To Get Around To Apologizing For Slavery?”

From the November 3 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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BAKARI SELLERS: One thing that my friend, Jack Kingston, the Congressman from Georgia, stated was that somehow people are playing the race card --

JACK KINGSTON: Somehow? They always do.

SELLERS: Because congressman, you don't want to deal with race. 


KINGSTON: As the member of Congress who authored the bill for the Civil Rights Museum located five blocks from here, and now you're saying I don't want to deal with race? That thing is a national monument. 

SELLERS: You support Donald Trump. Why don't you apologize to the Central Park Five? Why don't you apologize to Miss Mae Wiggins, who was discriminated against --

JEFFREY LORD: When is Bakari going to get around to apologizing for slavery? I'm still waiting on that.


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