CNN's Jason Miller dismisses allegations against Trump because alleged payoff to Stormy Daniels was nothing to a billionaire

Anderson Cooper: “You are saying it is not true because $130,000 wasn't a lot of money?”

From the March 7 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360

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JASON MILLER: I don't understand and I don't think most people at home understand what this lawsuit is even about. Ms. [Stephanie] Clifford (Stormy Daniels) is not asking for damages -- this is just is to go -- and it seems to be to want to launch I guess a second act in her career. So this all seems kind of puzzling to me. But even going back to the campaign, the reason --

ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): But if Michael Cohen has -- what they are alleging is that Michael Cohen came forward and made misleading and not true statements and it is unfair in their opinion that she cannot respond and say what actually went on. 

MILLER: And again, I can't speak to any of that, I am not a lawyer and I don't know the nuances and the back and forth. But even going back to the campaign and these allegations against the president which I think where there is some serious question marks around. Here is I think a fundamental point that everybody is missing, if you’re somebody who has a story like this and you are going to go and present it to a major party candidate a week or two before the election and you are making these allegations against a multi-billionaire, you're going to settle for $130,000? I don't think so. I think it's laughable on its face. I think it is clear that Ms. Clifford is trying to essentially launch a second act to her career now. 

COOPER: You are saying it is not true because $130,000 wasn't a lot of money? 

MILLER: That'd be nothing. That would be nothing to -- going after a multibillionaire, I think that is ridiculous. 


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