CNN's Jake Tapper: “It certainly sounds like the guarantees on pre-existing conditions” in Graham-Cassidy bill “are not actually guarantees”

From the September 20 edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper:

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): Comedian Jimmy Kimmel calling out Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana last night for his new Obamacare repeal and replacement bill, which Kimmel says would break a promise made by the Louisiana lawmaker that all pre-existing conditions would be covered, and there wouldn't be any discrimination against anybody with a pre-existing [condition], including his son Billy, who has a serious heart ailment and continues to battle it. Cassidy repeatedly referred to these parameters as “The Jimmy Kimmel test.”


TAPPER: Who is right here, Jimmy Kimmel or Sen. Cassidy, in terms of the description of the bill? For instance, would this bill, would the Cassidy-Graham bill allow insurance companies in some cases to discriminate against those who have pre-existing conditions?

PHIL MATTINGLY: Yes, so let's take them piece by piece, and these are two very bold, wide-ranging statements by two individuals on an issue that is both nuanced and very complex. Let's take the pre-existing conditions issue. Now, not unlike Obamacare, Graham-Cassidy contains the ban on insurers being able to deny anybody coverage for pre-existing conditions. So that stays, that's accurate.

But go deeper into the bill, and this is what Jimmy Kimmel was referring to specifically. States would have the opportunity to gain a waiver to get out of specific regulations. One of those regulations: the price protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions.


TAPPER: It certainly sounds like the guarantees on pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps are not actually guarantees.


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