CNN's Jake Tapper: Informant indicted for lying to the FBI provided “hours worth of content on Fox”

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Citation From the February 15, 2024, edition of CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper

EVAN PEREZ (CORRESPONDENT): What the FBI now says and what David Weiss, the special counsel, who has charged Hunter Biden in two separate cases in Delaware and in Los Angeles -- This case is being brought by David Weiss against this informant. What they're saying is that all of that was false and that he is now facing these charges of false statements and creating a false and fictitious document. Those are the two charges that he's facing now in Los Angeles, Jake. 

JAKE TAPPER (HOST): And just to remind folks who Smirnoff, because they might not know the name -- This was the individual that he had been told by somebody who ran Burisma that Joe Biden himself was going to get $5 million for all these shady dealings. This is the guy that Senator Chuck Grassley was insisting that this FBI report be revealed to the public. This was the guy who basically provided hours worth of content on Fox, especially in primetime. This was the guy who James Comer, the guy who runs the House Oversight Committee, was relying on as a major source of information and the FBI is saying, "The guy's a liar. In fact, so much so we're charging him with a crime."

PEREZ: Correct.