CNN's Errol Louis: Before Obamacare, middle class Americans had to “pauperize themselves” to afford health care

Louis: GOP's proposed cuts to Medicaid would impact “almost all of the elderly”

From the June 26 edition of CNN's New Day:

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BRIANNA KEILAR (HOST): One of the things I'm hearing people concerned about, Republicans, is that when they polled in these [special elections], the health care issue has really pushed through. And they're worried, increasingly, about this being a liability for them.

ERROL LOUIS: Oh, absolutely. Look, Brianna, after 79 consecutive months of polling finally found that a majority of Americans like Obamacare. So, it took some doing, but people are now starting to realize. And something else worth keeping in mind is that, when you're talking about Medicaid, you're talking about almost all of the elderly. You're talking about people who are dealing with dementia in their families, and you're talking about people who were solid middle class Americans who had to sort of what what they call pauperize themselves, divest themselves of everything they've ever owned and spend it down in order to get some kind of coverage to get the end-of-life care that they and their family want and deserve and have paid into a system for over their whole lifetime. When that shock starts to sort of sink in on people, I think the politics are going to change drastically. 


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