CNN's Ed Martin: Trump's “Pocahontas” comment to World War II Navajo code talkers was “100 percent” appropriate

Martin: “I don’t find it offensive I think it’s more fun and effective than anything”

From the November 27 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): So Ed, is it appropriate for the president to make a comment like this, particularly at this event to honor Native Americans? 

ED MARTIN: Well look I think the president is the president, right? Three quick observations, number one is the Navajo code talkers, if he hadn’t said something we probably wouldn’t be having these conversations so the purpose was to lift them up, their impressive, amazing stories. We lose more World War II vets every day than anything, so I think that’s really great.


I don’t find it offensive I think it’s more fun and effective than anything.

COOPER: Tara, fun and effective?

TARA SETMAYER: Well he never answered your question. Was it appropriate?

MARTIN: Yeah I did.

SETMAYER: So you felt it was completely appropriate

MARTIN: 100 percent, yep.


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