CNN's Ed Martin defends Roy Moore's slavery comment by pointing out Jewish slaves had families

Martin: “When the Jews were in bondage for years, they still loved each other”

From the December 11 edition of CNN's At This Hour:

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ANGELA RYE: I want you to answer this one. Tell me why, when he was asked when America was at its greatest at a campaign rally, he said it was at its greatest during slavery. Tell me why he said that.

ED MARTIN: That's not what he said. That's not what he said.

RYE: What's the context for that? So he said that families loved each other then. So tell me what was great -- tell me about that one. 

MARTIN: But that’s not -- see this is --

KATE BOLDUAN (HOST): Give me a final – Ed, give me a final note, though. I want to know how this is not -- no matter if it’s extreme or he said other things, he still said these things -- how these are not a problem if he makes it to Congress.

MARTIN: He's getting elected to the Senate. When he gets to the Senate, he's going to have to vote on things. And slavery's not going to be voted on in the Senate, and it’s not -- neither is homosexuality.

RYE: Are you serious?

MARTIN: And here's the thing. Let's be clear because it’s such a slur against him. What he said was families still loved each other when they existed. People in bondage, when the Jews were in bondage for years, they still loved each other.

RYE: Are you kidding me?


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