CNN's David Urban: Listen to the El Paso shooter's manifesto where it says Trump “had nothing to do with this”

The shooter's manifesto echoed Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric

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Citation From the August 5 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom

DAVID URBAN (CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR): What has changed in American culture that makes people do what they're doing today? Weapons have been available for a very, very long time. Something has changed in society, something has changed in American families, something has changed in our culture that somehow people -- 

NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON (CNN SENIOR POLITICAL REPORTER): And hasn't something changed from the White House too? I mean, we have a president now where you have a manifesto where someone is calling out the president about his own speech, about Latinos. I mean, that certainly is something that has changed too, if that's something you want to talk about, David. Do you see that as something that's changed as well? 


URBAN: Yeah, but the shooter says in the manifesto, why don't you take him at his own words? He said the president has nothing to do with this. The shooter says that in his manifesto.

HENDERSON: Yeah, but he's also acknowledging that the president's rhetoric is similar to his. That is also what he's -- he's not completely absolving him. He's saying don't point to the president who has a similar rhetoric as the shooter does. 

POPPY HARLOW (CO-ANCHOR): Yeah. I want to say, I want to bring in Congressman [Luis] Gutierrez, but David Urban, I would say Mia does make a point. One thing that has changed -- a lot has changed -- one thing that has changed is that the highest office in the land has seemed to make it OK to call people from other countries invaders and has said that congresswomen should leave this country, OK, minority congresswomen. 

URBAN: OK, but listen --

HARLOW: I'm not going to fight with you about this because I want all the voices in. I'm just stating a fact., that that's one thing. You asked what has changed, that's one thing that has changed. You'll have a chance to talk again. I am not --

URBAN: Yeah but it doesn't -- but Poppy, it's an unfair jump to make that to say that's advocating violence. 

HARLOW: It's not.

URBAN: It's unfair, Poppy, it is.

POPPY: It's not an unfair jump to make when I said that one thing that has changed, David Urban, one thing that has changed is the rhetoric in this country, OK.