CNN's Dana Bash Confronts Trump Supporter Scott Baio For Vulgar, Sexist, Anti-Clinton Tweet

CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash confronted Donald Trump supporter Scott Baio for tweeting a widely criticized meme that showed Hillary Clinton in front of a banner that said “COUNT,” but had her body blocking the “O.” Baio, who was offered a speaking spot at the Republican National Convention, dismissed Bash's question, saying, “it's just a picture somebody sent and we sent it out. You make of it what you want.” From the July 18 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360

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DANA BASH: I have to ask you about a tweet that you sent out last week. Hillary Clinton in front of a sign. 


BASH: That had the words of a -- vulgar words about a female body part. Given -- and talking about Hillary Clinton -- given the high profile that you have now, given the discourse that I think Republicans are trying to sort of calm down, do you regret that? 

BAIO It's just a picture somebody sent and we sent it out. You make of it what you want. I didn't put anything behind it. I just sent it out there. You look at it, you look at it any way you want. 


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