CNN's Cuomo Shuts Down Corey Lewandowski's Claim That The GOP Convention Was “Very Inclusive”

Chris Cuomo: GOP “Had The Least Latino And Black Delegates That You've Had In Recent History. So There's Some Work There To Do”

From the July 22 edition of CNN's New Day:

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COREY LEWANDOWSKI: Donald Trump is the first candidate to put someone on stage, a business executive, Peter Thiel, who's openly gay, at a Republican platform, to give him a primetime speaking slot to tell about his inclusion into this. Now, you can say what you want about this. This has been a very inclusive convention. It is a cohesive convention, and every Republican delegate who was in this room last night is voting for Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton. I'm sure of that. 

CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): Look, in terms of broadening the base, maybe you're right. Maybe every delegate in this room is going to vote for Donald Trump now. But you also had the least Latino and black delegates that you've had in recent history. 


CUOMO: So there's some work there to do. The question is, did that speech last night help take him to the next level? 

QUINN: And it's one thing to put an openly LGBT person on the stage, but when that stage is based on a platform that doesn't support marriage, supports conversion therapy, a practice that all legitimate psychiatrists and psychologists have singled out as life threatening to children. I can tell you people I know who went through that and they're lucky they got out alive. So you can put whoever you want on the stage, but if you're really attacking our children, you're not for us.


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