CNN's Cuomo Challenges GOP Congressman: Why Not Investigate Police Shootings Instead Of Clinton's Emails?

Chris Cuomo: “When You See These Shootings, Does It Make You Think That Maybe That's A Better Discussion To Be Having Right Now Than The Politics Of Email?”

From the July 7 edition of CNN's New Day

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CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): Congressman, sometimes fate creates a change of direction. Yes, you have questions about the FBI ruling on Hillary Clinton's email situation. Yes, you want to know how they came to the conclusion they did not to prosecute. But when you see these shootings, does it make you think that maybe that's a better discussion to be having right now than the politics of email? 

REP. JIM JORDAN (R-OH): Well, first, Chris, our hearts, our thoughts, our prayers go out to this family. Some of the family you just had on as guests, obviously. And I was struck, too, by the composure of the lady, just briefly seeing the video and heard you talking about it here as we were waiting. But our hearts and thoughts go out to them. It's a very troubling video. And we'll -- I'm sure there's going to be an investigation, and appropriately so. Let's find out what happened here. But I'm troubled by the video, as I'm sure all your viewers are and you are. And as Alisyn I think said earlier, I was struck by the composure of everyone who spoke this morning. The young lady in the video and the guests you just had on who are part of his family. 

CUOMO: Part of it is personal poise. Part of it, I think, sadly is familiarity with the circumstances, that for so many blacks in this country, African Americans have to deal with the reality of what to do. You heard that mother say that even though her son is full grown, comply, comply, comply. That it was like a mantra in their house and that that's what they have to send their kids out with every day, is to be careful that if the police come into your midst, this is how you have to act. Now, of course there's a part of that, that is an insecurity. There's a part of that that's a reality. But these are big issues to discuss. Congress could have a role, could they not? Especially when it comes to the funding for a lot of these things like body cameras, which they did not have at this force in Minnesota. 

JORDAN: Yeah, of course, and my guess is there will be some type of hearings. We're talking about the gun issue a lot here. But obviously we want to do things that are consistent with the Second Amendment. But as I said before, I think everyone who sees that video is troubled by what they see. We want to get to the truth. 


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