CNN's Cuomo Calls Out A Republican Congressman’s Baseless Defense Of A “Registry” For Muslim Immigrants

From the November 16 edition of CNN’s New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): Do you favor a registry for Muslim immigrants in this country? 

REP. STEVE KING (R-IA): You know, it's not that hard to do -- 

CUOMO: I know it's not that hard to do. Is it right to do? 

KING: I think under these circumstances, I haven't digested this thing and looked at the aspects of it. I want to be careful before I walk into something, because I don't want to be stepping into unintended consequences. But on its face, if we're bringing refugees into the United States and the U.N. has the records that says these are Muslim refugees and we deny that knowledge to ourselves, I think that's any -- 

CUOMO: Not just refugees. They're saying any immigrants --

KING: I understand.

CUOMO: From target countries who they believe may sponsor terrorism, who are Muslim would have to register here, and the men would have to come forward and have interviews on a regular basis. Does that sound like the America to you? 

KING: I'd say this, if the choice is to shut down all immigration from countries where -- that sponsor, countries that spawn terrorism. If that's our choice or to register Muslims coming in, take a look at the balance of this and see what the results are. I don't want to think that’s a crazy idea. 

CUOMO: But that is not the choice, though, Congressman. We don't have to shut it all down or have them all register. Those are just two potentially bad choices.

KING: Okay, then the third choice is to leave ourselves vulnerable without any knowledge of this, or any way of tracking, and have these terrorists pop up in this country, in city after city killing the American people. So -- 

CUOMO: But you do have a way of tracking them Congressman and they don't pop up killing American people on any kind of measurable, you know, threatening basis. 


CUOMO: Poppy, just a point for the audience. There is no significant growing trend of refugees killing people in America. 


CUOMO: Just so we know that. 

HARLOW: Exactly, point of fact. Can't dispute that. 


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