On CNN's Crossfire, Van Jones Exposes Conservative Media's Cherry-Picking On Guns

CNN host Van Jones chastised contributor Will Cain for “cherry-picking [legislative] districts” to paint stronger gun laws as wildly unpopular, pointing out that such laws have strong support nationwide.

During the September 13 edition of CNN's Crossfire, Jones hosted Cain and Colorado State Sen. John Morse (D-Colorado Springs), who was defeated in a recent recall election after being targeted over his support for expanded background checks and a 15-round limit for firearm magazines, to discuss the recall and gun reform. After explaining that gun reform measures such as background checks are “massively popular ... all across the country,” Jones criticized Cain for “cherry-picking [legislative] districts” like Morse's to argue that the American people don't support gun reform.

Jones is supported by the data. The three gun violence prevention measures supported by Morse and signed into law in March by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper require a background check on all gun sales except those between family members, impose a $10 fee to process background checks, and limit firearm magazine capacity to 15 rounds. An August Quinnipiac University poll found that the majority of voters in Colorado approve of the specific pieces of the gun law package:

Colorado voters support 82 - 16 percent requiring background checks for all gun buyers. Support is strong among all groups.

Voters are divided 49 - 48 percent on a ban on the sale of high-capacity ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds.

Likewise, voters across the nation strongly support legislation to expand background checks on gun sales as well as proposals to limit high-capacity magazines.