CNN's Chris Cuomo: Why Are Those In Conservative Media “Defending Ben Carson So Zealously Against Routine Vetting?”

From the November 10 edition of CNN's New Day:

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ALISYN CAMEROTA: Matt, I want to start with you. Has the field of journalism, has the media been tougher on Ben Carson than on other candidates?

MATT LEWIS: I don't think so. I do think that there's liberal media bias in the world. I think most of our friends and colleagues in the mainstream media tend to be more liberal, but I think that what Ben Carson has faced is entirely appropriate and fair. And I think it's good for the republic. It's good for the Republicans, even, to have a candidate who is properly vetted before going up against Hillary Clinton. I think at this point now, it looks like Ben Carson, I think as we've seen things develop, it looks like he has embellished his -- his memoir was embellished. But, we're not seeing any smoking gun as of now. I think at the end of the day he might be better off having gone through this process.

CHRIS CUOMO: Let me ask you this, then. Why are there those ironically on the right side of the media defending Ben Carson so zealously against routine vetting and planting all these seeds about they didn't talk about Obama that way. What is this, a black comparison now? Why is so much of that going on if the vetting is acceptable?

LEWIS: Well, look, I think that there is, as I said earlier, I do think that there is some bias. I do not think President Obama before he came president was really properly vetted. And by the way, I think some of this is a matter of -- it's like pornography. You know it when you see it. The thing with bias is, a lot of times it's insidious. A lot of times, it's the tone that a reporter takes when they talk about a Republican versus a liberal. But I also think that Republicans are a little bit defensive about this. You know, there have been decades and decades where we've seen liberal media bias impact elections. And so frankly, I think there's an overreaction. I think there's a circling of the wagons. Whenever it's perceived that a Republican is being attacked, rather than ask whether or not it's fair, a lot of times conservatives reflexively push back. And I think that's sometimes counterproductive.


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