CNN’s Brianna Keilar rips mainstream media “puff piece[s]” on Fox News’ 25th anniversary

Keilar: “Fox turns 25, but at what cost to America?”

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Citation From the October 8, 2021, edition of CNN’s New Day with John Berman and Brianna Keilar

BRIANNA KEILAR (CO-ANCHOR): Fox is celebrating 25 years on the air this week, celebrating as per usual with misinformation and not so hot takes.


TUCKER CARLSON (HOST, TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT): We can’t verify that that’s true but it certainly sounds right.


KEILAR: Fox's chief propagandist with Fox's de facto slogan there, a dangerous one by the way. But that's why you may stumble across a puff piece on Fox on, actually, about Fox in the coming days, because they are turning 25. 

And you'll know if it's a puff piece if it doesn't mention that in a quarter century on the air, Fox has devolved from a network that once actually kind of covered the news with a little conservative flair to a well-documented hostile workplace that is a mouthpiece of the extreme, peddling racism and white supremacy and deadly misinformation, some of which, if you actually follow it, can kill you. And they're doing all of that for a profit. 


KEILAR: Fox turns 25, but at what cost to America?