CNN's Bakari Sellers Confronts Jan Brewer: Trump Is “Denigrating Our Democracy” By Claiming Voter Fraud

Sellers: “He Has No Respect For The Institutions Of This Country”

From the August 14 edition of CNN's State of the Union with Jake Tapper:

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BAKARI SELLERS: If I may, just -- I'm sorry to interrupt you, governor. But if I may, this is a long list, the litany of Donald Trump denigrating our democracy. He has no respect for the institutions of this country. Whether or not it's the judiciary and his attacks on Judge Curiel, now he's denigrating our democracy, the very root of our democracy, which are elections. I have a very, very big problem with voter ID which has gone rampant in the Republican Party as they try to prevent black and brown people from voting and those seniors form voting.

JAN BREWER: Oh that's absolutely ridiculous. That is ridiculous.

SELLERS: That isn't -- well you don't have any --

BREWER: We have voter ID implemented in Arizona, it is working -- 

SELLERS: Arizona had some of the worst primary elections of this cycle. And I think that everyone understands that.

BREWER: How so? 

SELLERS: Because you had lines, especially in the Democratic primary, you had lines of four and five hours where people were not able to vote. But voter ID has been proven to disenfranchise older people and people who are black and brown.


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