CNN's April Ryan slams GOP health care process for excluding women

Ryan: “On the Senate, they have 13 white men ... they might need to expand their pool to women”

From the June 27 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin:

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ANA CABRERA (GUEST HOST): So, what has been your sense of the White House strategy in terms of how they've gone about this, and -- are they sticking with that strategy, changing it? Do you have an idea?

APRIL RYAN: Well, the issue is how do you knock down premiums? You know, you talk about tax cuts and things like that, but where does the money come from? So, you have to figure out the ways and means to pay for this, you have to figure out how not to knock people off.

They have to go back, they have to talk to groups to find out how do you fix this, so there won't be such a drastic problem. You've had the House bill, now you've got the Senate bill, both of them are knocking people off.

And not only that, Medicaid is affected, and it's not just minority groups, it is white people who supported this president, the core base that will be affected by this.

So, they've really got to go in and dig in hard and come up with ways to work this out. On the Senate, they have 13 white men, you know, they might need to expand their pool to women. I mean, we understand preventative care for any issue is not really in the package. We also understand the issues of mammograms and prenatal care are not there.

So, maybe they need to expand a little bit more and figure out how to tweak what's here and add a little bit more, but right now they're putting their heads together and they're talking about what they can do to fix it.


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