On CNN, Trump's Lawyer Says Cherrypicked Videos May Be “More Of The Reality” Than Data On Refugees

Michael Cohen: “I Don't Want To Start Talking About Numbers. Numbers Have Not Proven To Suit Me Well ... Especially On This Station.”

From the April 11 edition of CNN's New Day:

CHRIS CUOMO (CO-HOST): Let's talk about the state of play going on with international affairs. The first question is, the president always says, I am my best advocate. I want to speak directly to the American people about what matters. Why so quiet on Syria?

MICHAEL COHEN: I think right now he's evaluating what's going on. He listens to a lot of people. He formulates, like any intelligent person would do, he formulates an answer, and that's going to be the route that he's going to take. I think President Trump sent a very clear message to Syria. He is not President Obama. He will not sit back. He will not watch the atrocities that are taking place there. And as the president of the United States of America, a compassionate man, he's going to act. 

CUOMO: Does he -- how does he feel or his take about [National Security Adviser H.R.] McMaster, [U.N. Ambassador Nikki] Haley, [Secretary of State Rex] Tillerson, [White House press secretary Sean] Spicer all saying different things? It reads as mixed messaging. 

COHEN: Well, they should be on the same message, and they should be on President Trump's message. So, maybe they do have to get together, and they have to come up with a unified statement, but it doesn't matter. The president has his own agenda. The president is going to do what the president feels is right for him, for the country, for the people that he's trying to protect. 

CUOMO: What's your gut on what that is? Because such a big part of the campaign, all the way up until last week. We have to remember that. Until last week it was, hey, leave that world's policeman thing to a bygone era. The Syrians should deal with Assad. 

COHEN: But remember something. When we were watching, whether it was here on CNN or any of the other stations, the Syrian refugees that were leaving, they weren't the young. They weren't the aged. They weren't women. They were all these 19 to 25-year-old men that when they were walking to these makeshift homes in Germany that they put up for them, it looked like a military operation.

CUOMO: But those were selective videos that some people were putting out. The numbers tell a different story, women and children at the top of the list. Yes, you have young men, but those refugees are the same people that the president is saying he cares so much about. 

COHEN: You certainly remember those visions of the men -- 

CUOMO: Yeah, the question is, why were people picking those videos? Was it misleading? The data would say yes. 

COHEN: But maybe it wasn't misleading. Maybe it was more of the reality, what was going on.

CUOMO: No, but the numbers, Michael, say it's not the reality. 

COHEN: Again, I don't want to start talking about numbers. Numbers have not proven to suit me well. 

CUOMO: Be your friend? Yeah, I know. 

COHEN: Especially on this station. 


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