CNN: Trump is trying to distance himself from Cambridge Analytica after campaign bragged about using them during 2016 election

Joshua Green: “They had a team of Cambridge data scientists embedded in the Trump headquarters”

From the October 25 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): Josh you were reporting inside of the data operation in the home stretch of the Trump campaign. I just read an article you today wrote called “Inside the Trump Bunker With 12 Days To Go.” You heard what they said about relying on the RNC there, is that true?

JOSHUA GREEN: No, it’s almost laughably false and we were invited down in the final month of the campaign, Sasha Eisenberg, my colleague and I in order for them to show off what it was they were doing. The idea at the time publicly was that the data operation at the Trump campaign was really just Trump and his twitter feed. And they wanted to show off no, in fact, they had three different sources of polling, one of them was Cambridge Analytica. And not only that, they had a team of Cambridge data scientists embedded in the Trump headquarters in San Diego who were doing very sophisticated modeling work that helped to inform where the campaign was going to send Donald Trump. And so in the weeks right before the election when Trump started visiting states like Michigan and Wisconsin that seemed outwardly bizarre, nobody thought he was going to win those states. He was there because the Cambridge models told him that’s where you can pick up voters.

COOPER: So in that statement today they were saying we only relied on the RNC and any other suggestion is just false. You’re saying that’s just false.

GREEN: I’m saying that’s wrong. They showed off their wares, they had a Cambridge tool called the Battleground Optimizer Path to Victory that literally it would feed in poll numbers and it would spit out the likeliest path for Trump to get to 270 electoral votes and they would send Trump to those states based on what the model told us.


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