CNN Trump Surrogate Suggests Republican State Officials Are Lying About Voter Fraud Not Being A Problem

Scottie Nell Hughes: “They Are Secretary Of States, Establishment Politicians. They Have Not Been For Us Since The Very Beginning”

From the October 19 edition of CNN's At This Hour with Berman and Bolduan:

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KATE BOLDUAN (CO-HOST): If you’ve got Marco Rubio, if you’ve got basically every state, every secretary of state throughout the states who are handling these elections, saying it is not rigged in terms of there is no large-scale voter fraud that they are seeing that will change the course of this election, that will sway it, how do you want Donald Trump to address what he says in rallies and what his supporters love to hear, this concept of a rigged election, but how do you want him to address it from the stage? Because all we hear is the Republican secretary of state saying it is not rigged. You hear governor after governor, Republican governor, saying it is not rigged. 

SCOTTIE NELL HUGHES: Well, that's the thing. There's two parts to this whole rigged thing. One is the media covering seven-to-one all the things that they have to talk about. There's the standard, the Hillary standard. She's gotten away with a lot more. 

BOLDUAN: I'm talking about large-scale voter fraud that Donald Trump specifically clings to.

HUGHES:Here's what it comes down to, whether you like it or not. If you are a Democrat you don't think there's any rigging going on because, nine times out of ten, it benefits you. If you are Republican, you believe there's rigging going on, just like the Heritage Foundation has more than 400 cases within the last 10 years of voter fraud.

BOLDUAN: These are Republicans who are coming out to contradict Donald Trump.

HUGHES: They are secretary of states, establishment politicians. They have not been for us since the very beginning. We don't need them. We need the people. And those that are elected to the office that are paying attention to the people, they’re winning. They’re the ones actually going forward and moving forward with this. Secretaries of state, some are offended, some are not. Get over it. Just make sure your process is clean and we don't have voter intimidation, which is probably one of the largest cases that we’ve seen in the 2012 election. 

JOHN BERMAN (CO-HOST): Well see, the secretary of state of Ohio said he actually is voting for Donald Trump. 

HUGHES: And he is.

BERMAN: So he is a supporter, unlike what you just said. 


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