On CNN, Trump Surrogate Compares Hillary Clinton's Health To That Of NFL Players Who Have Had Multiple Concussions

Amy Kremer: “What You Said Is That Was A Long Time Ago, And I'm Saying, Yes, And NFL Players Have Also Had Concussions Long [Ago]”

From the August 21 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom:

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AMY KREMER: I am sorry, but [Hillary Clinton] has had an incident where she fell and had a major concussion, and then she had a blood clot in her head, a very serious blood clot. I mean, that's something to be concerned about.

POPPY HARLOW (HOST): That was years ago and she's been cleared by her doctor.

KREMER: Poppy -- and you know what, no, let me say this. The NFL has had major lawsuits from players having concussion years ago. It is a serious issue and the people want it answered. Why not just release the medical records?

HARLOW: Are you -- hold on. Hold on. Are you comparing Hillary Clinton's health and --

KREMER: No. You said that was a long time ago.

HARLOW: And the state of her brain to an NFL player who has a serious concussion after multiple hits?

KREMER: What I said -- no, no.

HARLOW:Then what was the comparison?

KREMER: What you said is that was a long time ago, and I'm saying, yes, and NFL players have also had concussions long --

HARLOW: So you are making the comparison?

KREMER: My point is it doesn't matter how long ago, Poppy, just release the medical records. I think all Americans have a right to know about our commander in chief, and I don't have a problem with them releasing Donald Trump's medical records. I think we have a right to know.

HARLOW: Hey, Amy on that point about right to know and transparency, so should Donald Trump then release his tax returns?

KREMER: Donald Trump is going to release his tax returns, from my understanding.

HOLLY SHULMAN: Oh, really? Because he said so many years ago, and he still hasn't.

HARLOW: Not -- it doesn't sound like before the election.

KREMER: Well, this is what I'll say is that Donald Trump's tax returns have no impact on how he's going to run the country. Their health, both his and Hillary Clinton's health have an impact on how each of them will run the country.


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