On CNN, Stephen Moore whines about “this kind of hate-the-rich mentality -- that somehow the rich are sinister”

Moore: “The Democratic Party has been the party of greed and envy”

From the February 13 edition of CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront

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ERIN BURNETT (HOST): OutFront now, Robert Reich, former U.S. labor secretary under President Clinton and Stephen Moore, informal White House adviser. Steve, [Sen.] Bernie Sanders wants to raise social security taxes and investment taxes. Six and a half percent there, six and a half percent there. This is just the latest proposal from a Democrat.

STEPHEN MOORE (INFORMAL WHITE HOUSE ADVISER): It sure is, and you're exactly right, Erin, that almost every Democratic presidential candidate is coming out with some new plan to raise taxes even higher on the one who came before them. Look, I hate it. I think we should have a -- I think we should have a flat tax in this country, where everybody pays the same rate, get rid of all the loopholes and deductions. But what I really hate is this kind of hate-the-rich mentality -- that somehow the rich are sinister people. I mean, I like Bill Gates. I like Warren Buffett. I like LeBron James. I like even Tom Brady. I like people who are successful in this country. And, by the way, one other quick thing, the top 1 percent, Robert Reich, you know these statistics, the top 1 percent already pay about 40 percent of the income tax. They pay more than the bottom 90 percent. The rich already do pay their fair share, Robert.


MOORE: The Democratic Party has been the party of greed and envy, that they basically think the way we can solve all our problems is to take money from rich people.


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