On CNN, Stephen Miller's uncle calls his immigration policies “a complete repudiation of the American dream”

David Glosser: “This institutional political racism that's been sweeping across the country” is “focused on vilifying people that you don't know, people who really are just like us. They are just like our family.” 

From the November 2 edition of CNN's New Day:

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DAVID GLOSSER (STEPHEN MILLER'S UNCLE): Our family wouldn't have survived or existed had it not been for the opportunity to immigrate to the United States as refugees back in the early 1900s. Accordingly, of the people that came to the United States, we prospered. We did well. Everything went fine. It wasn't always easy, but we built businesses, employed people. On the other hand, those that were unable to come after the 1924 exclusion act -- Immigration Exclusion Act, all 74 of them, those were murdered in World War II.


GLOSSER: So Steven wouldn't have existed. My parents would have probably never met. They probably both would have been killed in the Holocaust with the rest of them. And of course, neither I, nor my sister, Steven's mother, would have been born. 


GLOSSER: As a matter of fact, these aren't illegal immigrants. First of all, they're not in the country, so they're not illegal. Number two, the United States laws specifically allow people to apply for asylum. Not everybody's going to be admitted, but what they're actually doing is they're doing everything they can to suppress the admission of immigrants of all types except for specific classes of white immigrants, which is not terribly different than American immigration policy historically speaking.

CAMEROTA: I'm just curious, do you know what Steven Miller's mother, your sister, thinks about this? 

GLOSSER: No. I have made it a point not to discuss politics, you know, with that branch of the family for some while now. The last meaningful conversation I guess was probably back in September of 2016 when we talked about it. She says I understand you may feel uncomfortable with Mr. Trump, but we think Hillary may lead the country in the wrong direction. Well, OK, I can understand that you have political preferences, but this institutional political racism that's been sweeping across the country, focused on vilifying people that you don't know, people who really are just like us. They are just like our family. We needed to come here. We needed to find someplace to go and those that couldn't suffered the consequences. So it's -- to me it's a complete repudiation of the American dream. 


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