On CNN, Rudy Giuliani Refuses To Say That Trump Should Apologize For His Birther Comments

Giuliani: “If Everyone Apologized For All The Things They Said In Politics, All We Would Be Doing ... Is Apologizing” 

From the September 4 edition of CNN's State of the Union

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): I have to say, in interviews many African-Americans say they are still troubled by Mr. Trump having suggested over and over falsely that the first African-American president was born in Africa and, thus, ineligible to be president. 


As you say, it was resolved in 2011 when he released his birth certificate. Donald Trump talking about this as recently as February of last year at CPAC saying that he thinks the birth certificate is false. Should he just apologize for this to let, if he really wants to reach out to minority voters? 

​RUDY GUILIANI: You know, if everybody apologized for all the things they said in politics, all we would be doing on television shows is apologizing. Maybe a lot of the Democrats should apologize for calling Donald Trump a racist and calling him all kinds of terrible names and​ -- ​it gets a little silly. 


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