CNN Pentagon reporter: Trump banning transgender troops “in any capacity” means Pentagon may have to “go on a search” and purge them

CNN's Barbara Starr: "Can somebody who is transgender not serve the country? Is that really what we’re looking at?”

From the July 26 edition of CNN Newsroom:

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BARBARA STARR: Let’s take a step back for a minute. The United States military, the people who serve in the U.S. military always have been a reflection of American society. So, number one, if anybody thinks that there are not already transgender persons serving on active duty in the U.S. military, I would say, think again. People from across America, let’s just put it that way, everywhere, serve in the U.S. military. So there will have to be a decision about what the president thinks is going to happen to people already serving on active duty, by any account, in an honorable fashion who are transgender.


We knew from Defense Secretary Mattis, that some of this delay was in the works while they were continuing to look at it. But what the president has done is put full stop on it, and now, what we don’t know is the way ahead. Can somebody who is transgender not serve the country? Is that really what we’re looking?

JOHN BERMAN (CO-HOST):  Well, his policy, which he just laid out, he said “in any capacity.” So he's not just talking about front lines, not just talking about infantry. “In any capacity.” We may learn more.

STARR: Let me just say something. If you take the commander-in-chief at his word, “may not serve in any capacity.” Does -- and of course this is very early moments of the president's tweet -- “may not serve in any capacity.” Does the United States military now go on a search for those who are serving who are transgender and force them out of the military? I think right now, as we stand here, that is the big unanswered question. 


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