On CNN, Paul Begala Declares “This Is Steve Bannon's Movement ... The Reagan Republican Party Is Dead”

From the February 23 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): What is so interesting about that foundation is that it's not traditionally conservative or, I mean, he's addressing CPAC, he's addressing an audience of conservatives, and yet, you know, he is talking about populism, he is talking about nationalism, things which are not traditionally conservative, per se.

PAUL BEGALA: Not at all. One year ago, CPAC was attacking Donald Trump, saying he was gutless for not showing up. He had been there two year before, and then last year chose not to attend.

Now, this is his movement, this is his party. The takeover is complete, and you saw it today. The dominant partner between Priebus and Bannon is clearly Bannon. Priebus, four years ago, sponsored this autopsy for the Republican Party. said we have to reach out to women, we're going to do better with minorities, you gotta back off the bashing gays. All that's over.

This is Steve Bannon's movement, and it's Trump's Republican Party and it's a remarkable thing for me to watch, because it means that -- I'm going to beat Jeffrey to the Regan reference. The Reagan Republican Party is dead. Ronald Reagan, who was created by CPAC, in part -- and not really, he had quite a career, but he -- his presidential ambitions were first launched at CPAC many decades ago.

He stood for free trade, Bannon completely shut the door on that. He stood for open immigration, in fact he signed amnesty, and Bannon shut the door on that. Bannon went out of his way to criticize something I never heard a Republican criticize, globalist capitalist corporations. Ronald Reagan worked for GE, which is like the pre-eminent globalist, capitalist corporation.

COOPER: Right, globalist capitalist media, globalism is a big enemy, it seems.

BEGALA: Apparently so, and for party that -- Ronald Reagan was the intellectual godfather of NAFTA, it took two more presidents to get it in, but Bannon bragged about rolling back the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which had strong Republican support on the hill, now is dead. This is a new Republican Party, it's a revolution.


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