On CNN, Newsweek Editor Tina Brown Explains How Republican Candidates Live In Conservative Media Bubble

Brown: “When Somebody From The Other World, The Real World ... Asks Them A Question, They're Completely Taken Aback”

From the November 9 edition of CNN's New Day:

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TINA BROWN: What I do think is different about this race is, in a sense, Trump has himself redefined the rules of the race because he's owned hyperbole, he's owned kind of excessive statements about himself, which everybody knows are hyperbole, and which are kind of shameless, just keeps on doing it, doesn't feel deterred in any sense when he's pointed out that this is just a fantasy. He's almost kind of redefined the game so that everybody's now in a world where you can say what you want, and you keep on saying it's true, and the media will just attack you, but then you can say that the media are biased. And this is a cycle now of sort of fairy stories that are being perpetrated on the stump. And it's really very dangerous.

CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): That creates a different question for me. Are we reaping what we've sown here with Trump, that because we kind of let him say what he says because it's so entertaining, now when we start applying typical scrutiny, it does give another candidate the ability to say what's this about?

BILL CARTER: But Trump has been challenged. People are challenging him. He doesn't flinch from it. He doesn't say that's absolutely -- he might say it's unfair, that's not a good question, whatever. But he comes back for more. It sounds weird in a way that Carson feels like it's illegitimate even to ask him the question. If you ask me this question, you're out of bounds. He also thinks -- and I think this is interesting, too, that -- he says to Alisyn [Camerota], well you used to work for Fox News, how can you ask that? Because he's used to the kid glove treatment from that part of the media. And when somebody actually then comes at him with something that isn't like part of his policy, he may react like it's unfair.

BROWN: I actually think Bill made a very good point there.

CUOMO: Really?

BROWN: Yes, I do. Because I think -- the thing about this current race is that these Republican candidates truly live in their own bubble. They look at Fox News all the time, they listen to talk radio all the time. They really believe that they're in this closed world. Then when somebody from the other world, the real world, comes out and asks them a question, they're completely taken aback. They have total umbrage. This has never happened to me before. People just agree with what I have to say.


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