On CNN, Mark Kelly Debunks Myth That “Gun-Free Zones” Attract Shooters

Kelly: “Less Than 15 Percent Of [Mass Shootings] Have Happened In A Gun-Free Zone”

From the October 4 edition of CNN's State of the Union:

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): I want to ask you about gun-free zones, because Oregon is a state where people can carry concealed weapons on them, but the school itself -- Umpqua Community College -- was a gun-free zone. What is the purpose of putting up a sign that says gun-free zones? It seems, to a lot of people, that that might attract bad guys.

MARK KELLY: Well, I mean, there have been studies that have shown, you know first of all, mass shootings, there's been about -- I mean, less than 15 percent of them have happened in a gun-free zone. And there's no indication from another study that any shooter intentionally went to a gun-free zone. You often see that as, you know, some folks will say that that's why somebody went to a gun-free zone. Well there's no evidence of that. You know, and I think the idea is where there are more guns people are less safe. I mean, if you have a gun in, you know, any kind of situation where things start to get heated, I mean, there's a higher likelihood that somebody is going to get shot. And I think what we see in states where the gun laws are the strongest, there are less deaths from gun violence. I mean, that is certainly clear.


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