On CNN, Jake Tapper Fact Checks Cruz Spokesman On The Bathroom Predator Myth

Tapper: “I Didn’t Actually Hear One Example Cited There”

From the April 21 edition of CNN's The Lead With Jake Tapper

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): Ron let me start with you, because Senator Ted Cruz is on the stump today attacking Donald Trump for being, quote “too PC” for saying that Caitlyn Jenner can use whatever bathroom she likes when she visited Trump Tower. Cruz says that grown men should not be in bathrooms with little girls. That was his response. So, explain to me exactly what the position is here, that individuals like Caitlyn Jenner should be forced to use the men's room?

RON NEHRING: No. I think the issue here is what happens at our high schools and our elementary schools and the like across the country, particularly in the case of North Carolina which exercise[[s]]d its rights to, you know, to enact legislation aimed at clarifying this particular issue. And this has been an issue in my state as well. People are very, very concerned, you know, about the prospect of having grown adult men in the girls, you know, lockerroom , and you know bathroom at school and the like. And that's something that many people find, you know offensive and inappropriate.

TAPPER: Has this ever happened, that you know of, in California, or anywhere? A transgender individual in a girls room harassing a girl? Has it ever happened?

NEHRING: Well, you know this is an issue which is being addressed at the state level. You know, different laws are being phrased in different ways. You know, part of the issue in my state where this has been debated in California, is that of, you know, can anybody simply walk into any restroom of any gender at all, even in the girl's locker room or the girls bathroom at school and the like. And that in itself is the issue here, and that’s whats not appropriate. What Donald Trump chooses to do with Trump Tower, which is a private building and a private facility is up to him. The question is whether at public schools, that grown men should be in the girl's locker room. That's inappropriate.

TAPPER: I didn't actually hear an example cited there, but let's move on.


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